New partnership – Lenovo

Early March HPC Network B.V. started a partnership with Lenovo. Due to the experience in the last years we decided that we needed Lenovo, and more specific their know how and products for the High Performance Computing as a significant part of our partner network.

Improving risk analytics, shortening product development cycles, and simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale have something in common—the need to model, forecast, and analyze complex relationships. All place enormous demands on your data and compute infrastructure.

Meet these demands and realize faster time to value, improve critical decision making, fuel innovation, and accelerate results with powerful Lenovo high-performance computing (HPC) systems, storage, software, networking, and preintegrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data applications.

Under HPC News we will inform you about their latest technological developments which can be of influence on your business. In the future HPC Network B.V. will organize HPC meet-ups where customers and suppliers can meet and discuss challenges and solutions.

We are very delighted to officially be part of the Lenovo community.

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